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The root of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet

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School of Engineering

Affiliated to the University of Mysore, approved by AICTE, the Engineering College, is a welcoming community of like-minded students and academics who share your passion for the subject. The primary focus of the institution is to expose young minds to the world of technology, instilling in them confidence and fortitude to face new challenges that enable them to excel in their chosen fields. The college inculcates the development of all facets of the mind culminating in an intellectual and balanced personality.

Our Institution of dedicated and caring faculty strives to widen the student’s horizon of learning thereby achieving excellent results for every student. The different courses of engineering we offer students a solid grounding in the foundations of the discipline. They teach them how to build, program, and validate real systems.

SOEUOM - School of Engineering

Our courses are challenging and up-to-date with modern practices and techniques that will enable you to succeed in your chosen industry upon graduation. Our departments have dedicated teams who work hard to provide high-quality and student-focused teaching.

Our college is defined by its people. We warmly welcome future students, researchers, and staff from all over India and the world: we are an inclusive environment that delivers excellence in teaching and research.