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Vision, Mission, Objectives

SOEUOM - Our VisionOur Vision

Aspire to become the globally recognized institution for engineering and technology recognized for its innovation, societal relevance and excellence in the impact of its pursuits by tapping human resources from all sections of society, offering them opportunities to learn across disciplines, and to build human capital capable of being leaders of tomorrow who solve problems more efficiently in the currently fast-changing global economy.

SOEUOM - Our MissionOur Mission

Built on a great legacy inherited from our founding fathers, our mission is to create an environment of stimulating intellectual dialogue across disciplines and harvest knowledge with cutting-edge high-quality teaching, research, and extension activities leading to the generation of students who would provide leadership, vision and direction to society. We aim to be recognised for advancing knowledge through fundamental and applied research; and facilitating a growth mindset of life-long learning and economic development.

SOEUOM - Vision, Mission, Objective

Based on the four priority areas of high-quality teaching, more integrated student experiences, promoting teaching as a professional practice and deeper engagement on and off campus, our ambition is to achieve educational excellence through:

Our ObjectivesOur Objectives
  • The delivery of consistent achievement, diversity and core curricular standards.
  • Outstanding environments for innovative, flexible and internationalised learning.
  • Student progression and success through outstanding personalised support.
  • Staff who are lifelong learners, fully engaged in their own professional development.
  • The use of data and information to inform key decisions and actions.
  • Close collaboration with students, researchers and partners to improve performance.

To raise the ambition and enhance the distinctiveness of our university through our people (faculty, staff, students and alumni), the industry partners we work with and our unrivalled facilities.