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Prof. R. Shivappa


Contact No : 0821 - 2419361


Prof. R. Shivappa is currently serving as Registrar, University of Mysore, Mysuru.

Teaching and learning with Post graduate students and guiding students of Social work towards Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) programme on a regular basis. Seeking assignments in Project Management, Research and RelationshipManagement for Rural/Urban Development Programs, HRD and Personnel Management with leading organisations in India and overseas.

Ph.D. (Social Work) with rich experience in Teaching-Learning, Project Management, Research Initiatives, Team Management, Personnel Management, Relationship Management in a career spanning 29 years in the Bilateral / NGO / Academic institutions /Corporate sectors.

Expertise in steering projects on Rural Development, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation etc.,

Significant experience in program design, planning, implementation and introduction of innovative approaches in making the program owned by the people.

Knowledge of the development and application of participatory strategies like PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisals), PLA (Participatory Learning and Action) and PMW (Participatory Monitoring Wheel) techniques, advocacy for policy reforms at government and intermediary levels in Rural /Urban Development Programs.

An effective communicator with strong relationship management skills and hands- on experience in networking with Consultants, NGOs, Government Agencies and safeguarding the interests of beneficiaries and stakeholders. Read more