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SEOUOM - Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science

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Data science is the fastest-growing industry in the world right now, and data engineers are right there at the front of the pack. Data engineers focus on the construction of systems that can house massive amounts of data. Big data engineers are skilled as software developers, and they have to be proficient in coding, an excellent data scientist, and an engineer all at the same time. This is a multi-faceted role involving identifying, extracting, and delivering valid data in a usable format. A big data engineer deals with cloud computing environments, assists in documenting requirements, resolves ambiguities in the data, and more.

This degree will give you the required technical skills in software design, computer programming, data(data architecture, data structures, database management, database principles, data visualization, business data analytics, data mining, forecasting and predictive modelling) math, physics, statistics, practical and soft skills.

Almost every field needs big data engineers who work as statisticians, computer programmers, and computer and information research scientists, as they produce insights that are useful in business, finance, government, healthcare, science, telecommunications, and other industries.

Teaching Faculties

Dr. Sunil C

Assistant Professor and HoD (I/c)

Dr. Syeda Umera Almas

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Gowthami S

Assistant Professor

Mr. Santhosh Kumar K S

Assistant Professor