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Civil Environmental Engineering

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Civil engineers are responsible for designing so much of our built environment. Today, we rely more than ever on inventive and resourceful engineers to design, build and maintain our sophisticated environment and infrastructure. Civil engineers help to build a better world – from constructing bridges, roads, pipelines, processing plants, buildings and harbours that connect communities to creating solutions to respond to the most pressing global challenges.

Studying civil engineering will provide you with skills in design, construction, management and sustainability of the infrastructure that holds our country together. It will equip you with subject-specific technical reasoning to apply physics, maths and mechanics to structural design, in applying your judgement as an engineer under pressure, and in development of effective communication skills when managing large projects, on-site teams and client requirements. Transferable skills you can gain from civil engineering include team-working, problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to interpret data.

You will learn through lectures, tutorials, group practicals, lab work and take part in field courses ranging from geological studies to surveying. Making sure that what you learn with us is relevant, up to date and what employers are looking for is our priority, so courses are reviewed and enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Civil engineers are employed in construction, in the road and rail industries, in the oil and gas industry, in telecoms, in engineering consultancy, in government, and in the finance industry (particularly in accountancy and management consultancy).

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Assistant Professor and HoD (I/c)

Mrs. Sowmya M N

Assistant Professor

Mr Vinay K V

Assistant Professor

Mrs Amulya S S

Assistant Professor

Lab Teaching Assistants

Miss. Soundarya S

Lab Teaching Assistant