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Computer Science & Design

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The combined major in computer science and design integrates fundamental design courses with a strong programming foundation. This programme offers professional training in both fields, integrating design courses — fundamental through advanced — with a strong foundation in computer programming. It includes interaction design, graphic and information design, or experience design. Students pursuing this degree often have an interest in human-centred design methods used in developing digital interfaces and applications.

During this course you will learn the fundamentals of computer science and advanced programming skills, and benefit from specific skills in relation to game design. The course also relates to real-time computer graphics, artificial intelligence, animation, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Technology and creativity represent one of the most powerful combinations in the current job market. By the end of this course, you will be a hybrid programmer and designer who can navigate both ends of the scientific and creative spectrum on any software development team. Graduates can pursue a number of career paths in game and software development and experience design as systems designers, game designers, and game play programmer.

Teaching Faculties

Dr. Sunil C

Assistant Professor and HoD (I/c)

Mrs. Poornima K.

Assistant Professor

Miss. Poornashree Narayani S Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Lab Teaching Assistants

Mr. Vinay Kumar V K

Lab Teaching Assistant

Mr. Sanjay Patel K M

Lab Teaching Assistant

Mr. Arshad A S

Lab Teaching Assistant

Mr. Harsha Kumara P

Lab Teaching Assistant